Want to share what autistic looks like in your family?

Please share your stories, your pictures, and your ideas about what autistic looks like in your family!

This Flash blog was created in response to the comments by a celebrity on Twitter in which the word "autistic" was used as an insult.  We are here to take a stand for our children and say that autistic is not an insult.  Autistic is beautiful.

Our kids may be on many different ends of the spectrum, but we all share one thing - a fierce love for our kids and a willingness to do anything for them.  We need to take a stand and show the world that our kids, despite their struggles and challenges, are absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Feel free to contribute!  Go to Reinventing Mommy on Facebook and send her a message with either a link to a personal blog post or, if you're not a blogger, share a brief story about your child.  We'll post them up here as quickly as we can!

Help us share all of the amazing things that make our kids not worthy of insult, but worthy of admiration.  Thank you!

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